FTPI Group

Since the 80s, FTPI is your consultant in planning and media purchasing. As regional media expertise, we recognize and exploit the strength of each region to optimize the fund for your campaign and to perform an optmal trade for your product.

We are commercial agents of major media outlets throughout Brazil, representing radios, newspapers, cinemas, TVs and outdoor media, as well as spefific projects, and events prospecting sponsorships.

With nine offices in Brazil and a multidisciplinary team of over 70 professionals, FTPI has centers for services, media planning, operations, marketing and competition analysis. All the above aiming to work side by side with advertising agencies, direct clients and the nation's largest media outlets.

FTPI Group also counts with FTPI Digital, which is foccused in the interactive media market.

FTPI Digital

FTPI Digital is responsible for the commercial service of interactive means of communication. We deliver to the major advertising agencies, the best media options sites, mobile, advergames, in-game advertising, among others products and services.

Our mission is to enhance the online media, so that it becomes profitable and beneficial for advertisers, agencies and media vehicles with smart, simple solutions.

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